ESMT participates 2023 Taipei International Logistics & IoT Exhibition

ESMT joins the 28th Taipei International Logistic and IoT Exhibition

Date: 2023/8/23-26

Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 4F

Booth No.: R022

Ever since ESMT diversified by entering into Wireless Application field in 2018, it has expanded its product portfolio to include RF SoC, RF transceiver chip and system boards for applications such as temperature monitor for cold chain and logistic. By transmitting data over wireless connection, it improves the flexibility and robustness of the environmental monitoring system for the target applications. Combining with cloud service, real-time status feedback and response are made possible to ensure the reliability and safety of a shipment either during transportation or in warehouse.

ESMT will debut its latest dual-band transceiver chip during the 28th Taipei International Logistic and IoT Exhibition. This is a new high-performance, low current transceiver that covers sub-GHz frequency bands from 97–1020 MHz with an additional NFC (tag) interface. This support for dual-band radio frequencies make it an excellent wireless transceiver for a variety of IoT applications. To demonstrate its capability in a use case that’s more pertinent to the theme, ESMT will present an ESL solution powered by this new transceiver chip and runs on ESMT’s proprietary communication protocol.

ESMT will be joined by several partners in this exhibition. There will be Intelligent IoT Gateway by Artila, IoT Cloud Platform with dashboard by Exosite, Smart AIOT Ranch Device by RKTF and many other IoT devices on display. These products combine to make an excellent total environment monitoring solution for cold chain and logistic to lower maintenance cost and improve operation efficiency.

You are cordially invited to visit our booth, R022, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 4F, to explore in depth the possibilities our solution could bring to assist you in succeeding in cold chain and logistic business.

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