IoT Applications

  物聯網IoT(Internet of Things),正在改變人類的生活方式,透過物聯網設備連接物件數據和互聯網路,使生活型態更便利更有智慧。應用場景廣泛,從日常使用的生理監測穿戴裝置,環境空氣溫溼度感測計, 室內定位系統,居家安全,智慧零售,智慧工業,智慧消防,智慧建築,智慧農業,智慧醫療到智慧城市。晶豪科,基於強大晶片設計專業跨領域開發物聯網使用的低功耗廣域網路(LPWAN)和低功耗區域網路(LPLAN) SOC晶片,模組和系統板,提供給客戶完整的解決方案。

  IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming human life styles through the connectivity of various computing devices and data transmission, and internet network. IoT makes the life style more convenient and better. It has many applicable scenarios such as physical monitoring wearable devices, environmental temperature / humidity sensors, indoor positioning system, smart home, retail, industry internet of things, immediate alarming, smart building, agriculture, medical care to realize smart city. ESMT is a rich professional design IC house and on leading position in the field and successfully develop IoT SOCs, modules and system boards of LPWAN and LPLAN in order to offer customers a complete solution.


LPWAN (LOW POWER WIDE AREA NETWORK) , 低功耗長距離無線通訊網路,透過中繼基站可提供不限距離的無線數據傳輸,適用於連接設備眾多,大傳送範圍的應用場景。ESMT已提供通過法國SIGFOX認證的SOC及適用於各區域的模組產品。

LPWAN is a wireless communication network with low-power consumption and long distance transmission. Through a relay base station and connect numerous devices, the data is transmitted with unlimited distance. ESMT provides SOCs authorized by Sigfox and modular products are applicable for various regions.


LPLAN (LOW POWER LOCAL AREA NETWORK) ,同樣使用UNLICENSED頻段,但相較於WI-FI、BLUETOOTH、ZIGBEE等無線傳輸協定的近距離侷限,晶豪科開發TRex(Transmission Range extendable) 無線通訊網路傳送範圍可以擴大到數公里或跨樓層, 適用於連接小區域範圍內的私網應用場景。也可以透過閘道器將局部網域延伸至外部網域。

LPLAN (LOW POWER LOCAL AREA NETWORK) also uses UNLICENSED frequency band. Compared to the short transmission range of wireless protocols such as WI-FI, BLUETOOTH, and ZIGBEE, ESMT develops TRex (Transmission Range extendable) that the wireless communicated transmission range can be extended to several kilometers or across floors, thus applicable scenario is used to the private network in a local area. TRex (Transmission Range extendable) can also extend a local network to an external network through gateways.

Both LPWAN and LPLAN have the following:

- 低功耗僅需電池供電設備壽命達年
   Low power consumption, only battery as power supply , life-time of device is up to 10 years

- 遠距離傳輸具高穿透率
  Long rang distance and high transparent rate

       - 覆蓋範圍廣
          Wide coverage

- 低建置設備和基地台成本
   Low cost of construction equipments and base stations

- 星型拓蹼以及樹狀型網路結構
   Star topology network and tree network 

       - 兼容其他網路技術 e.g. Wifi , Bluetooth, 2G/3G/4G….
          Compatible to others internet technology e.g. WiFi , Bluetooth, 2G/3G/4G

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